“Edgate gave us the ability to quickly keep our standards information up-to-date knowing we are backed by the CASE open standards. This future-proofing allows our development team to keep innovating on Classworks while not worrying about compatibility with other systems.”

Jerry Henley,
Classworks/Curriculum Advantage



NBC Learn

“Edgate and NBC Learn have over 10 years of product integration partnership, and I hope to continue this relationship! I appreciate your expertise around correlations, responsiveness to our questions and going above and beyond to help us even with some of our special projects. With your partnership and support, NBC Learn is used in more than 10,000 schools and serving over 10 million students.”

Sanjay Joshi,
NBC Learn



Social Studies School Service

“I am in regular contact with the team at EdGate and they are such a delight to work with – always responsive and helpful.”

Aaron Willis,
Social Studies School Service



Teach TCI

“Sometimes we take great support for granted, but I just wanted to make sure that you know that literally every time we have needed to contact EdGate for something, our entire team raves about how wonderful you are. You're always quick to respond with helpful information and are just an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Marsha Ifurung,
Teach TCI




“I have had multiple people walk over to my desk completely astonished at the level of depth that EdGate has gone to correlate our videos - they are blown away! I have also sent these to our clients across the nation and they are delighted to have these correlation files to help teachers integrate the content. Once again, EdGate has distinguished themselves from the crowd - you guys are the best!”

Dave Cox,
JOVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments)



Virtual Field Trips

“Working with all of you at Edgate has been a wonderful experience and I’m very appreciative of the great information and standards that our videos have shown to align with.”

Dale Petersen,
Virtual Field Trips



Write Steps Writing

“You and your colleagues have responded quickly and in a meaningful way every time we have requested help or explanations.”

Arylnn King,
Write Steps Writing




"As I am working with the correlation tool, I am learning every day how to use it more efficiently and when there are issues, the EdGate team has been extremely supportive and any problems are fixed in a timely manner. Overall, EdGate has completely improved the correlations process for Evan-Moor.”

Amy Sinnott,
Evan-Moor Educational Publishers




"Learning.com has been working with EdGate since 2010. During that time, we have made extensive use of the standards and correlations they provide. We've found that their concept index and the correlations it generates are accurate and useful to our customers. Moreover, we have had numerous occasions where we had to request standards outside of our contract to fulfill requirements of particular projects, and in every case EdGate has been quick to respond, helpful in meeting our needs, and diligent about meeting their commitments.”

Leo Kelly,



BYU independent Study

"We were very satisfied with your work and I enjoyed working with your team.”

David Hoffman,
BYU Independent Study