ExACT Analytics & Reporting offers Business Intelligence and Gap Analysis

The ExACT reporting tool helps publishers generate and visualize alignment data, to search correlation data and create reports that address geographic requirements. Using the powerful ExACT reporting engine, publishers can create on-demand reports for sales or marketing presentations, RFPs or State Adoptions. Product development teams can respond to instructional questions with confidence, knowing they are backed by EdGate’s expertise. Report results are available in Word, Excel, PDF or HTML. ExACT provides the ability to query both the Standards and Content in the following report options:

  • Content Unit Report – this report displays the correlation data from the resource perspective. The resource is listed followed by all the associated standards. View a sample Content Unit Report.
  • Standards Report – this report displays the correlation data from the standards perspective. The standards are listed followed by all the associated resources. View a sample Standards Report.

For additional reporting features and options please visit ExACT Reporting Feature Set or Custom Reports.

Gap Analysis:

Gap analysis is the process of identifying "gaps" between standards. In the case of content alignment, the ExACT Gap Analysis feature helps reveal those educational standards that do not correlate to a specific content unit.

Clients have the ability to:

  • View correlated and non-correlated standards
  • Refine correlations
  • Produce statistical reports that reveal content coverage

This information can then be used for content development, state or district bids, and general analysis of content coverage for a specific standard. All reports can be easily viewed, printed or exported.