MARC Records Services

Since the 1960’s libraries across the U.S. have been using MARC as a way to keep bibliographic records, a.k.a. the information traditionally shown on a catalog card.  MARC (which stands for MA-chine Readable Cataloging record) normally includes 1) A description of the item; 2) Main entry and added entries; 3) Subject headings; 4) the classification or call number; but MARC records can contain many, many more descriptors.

Publishers often find their resources being used at a much higher rate simply by providing MARC records to libraries.  MARC records can specifically aid in the discovery of ebooks and other digital materials.  MARC records also aid in reducing librarian workload and decreasing overall operating costs for libraries.

EdGate can accurately and quickly review publications in order to produce records in MARC format.  Our MARC records services adhere to the same high quality as our core services, providing comprehensive work provided by our subject matter experts.

Publishers supply us with their bibliographic data and EdGate takes it from there!

How can we help you?

  • Meet your library customer’s requirements.
  • Save time—generate MARC records directly from your metadata/bibliographic data.
  • Provides a cost savings—no in-house cataloguing teams required.
  • We can handle all published formats (book, audio, video, e-book, etc.)
  • Delivery of records in batches or as single-record files.
  • We offer flexible delivery options.


To inquire about this service or to request a sample, please contact us.