Custom Services

Ever flexible, our team of subject matter experts consists of former educators who have a deep understanding of education standards and use that well of knowledge in order to offer related services to clients.

  • Mapping/Crosswalking ServicesFor clients who have content that is already aligned to at least one set of standards, let the EdGate team use our proprietary technology to map (aka crosswalk) alignments to additional standard sets.

  • Third Party Correlation ReviewFor content creators who have already aligned their content to standards and need an unbiased analysis complete with detailed statistical reports, EdGate offers an independent alignment review.

  • Metadata Development:  EdGate helps make education, video or podcast content more discoverable by enhancing metadata with keywords, descriptions, unique IDs, and more.

  • Content DevelopmentOur familiarity with education standards enables our team to write lessons that meet specific standards, fill gaps with updated content or find supplemental OER to complement exisiting content.

  • Delivery MethodsBeyond our API delivery, we also offer a Tab Delimited or XML-based bulk download of your alignments or standards.  And EdGate’s Correlation User Interface (CUI) is our most popular deliverable for promoting aligned instructional resources directly from your website.