EdGate Offers CTE Standards Licensing and Correlation


We’ve all seen the headlines: Career Technical Education has made a resurgence. Once a thing of the past, expressed through "Vocational Training" programs, there is now an increased demand for a second option for high school students. Many students desire to get a jump start on future college credits or want to explore careers that require a technical skill. As a result, there has been a significant expansion of state CTE policy. The District of Columbia and 49 states have enacted 241 CTE-related laws, executive orders, boards of education actions and budget provisions. The renewed interest has led to 12.5 million students in the United Stateschoosing to follow a CTE program or seeking CTE credits for graduation. 

Fortunately, EdGate is on pace with this trend. We are able to offer 2.7 million CTE standards through our repository with the ability to license the standards via API.

EdGate offers state-specific CTE standards, as well as the Common Career Technical Core (CCTC) standards which are used as benchmark standards for all career programs. The CCTC standards are used to clearly define what a student needs to accomplish by the end of each course. Each state can choose to utilize the CCTC standards as they see fit to meet the needs of a specific State’s economy and its workforce demands.

The CCTC standards were created as a major initiative launched by Advance CTE. The CCTC standards reflect 16 "Career Clusters" which are themed around jobs and industries related to one another by specific skills or products. Through these "Career Clusters", standards are able to become even more specific through designated "Career Pathways".  These pathways allow students, parents and educators to concentrate their education plans and materials to better prepare the student for lifelong success in a chosen field.

Per Advance CTE, there are currently 46 states and three territories that have state-approved secondary CTE standards as well as 13 states and two territories have state-approved postsecondary standards.

EdGate can give you the assistance you need to correlate existing and new materials into this vast expanding market or license the most current standards.

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