What's New in Sex Ed?

In the series "Educating the 21st Century Child" Erik Hawkins address the changing needs in Sex Education for today's teenagers. An unprecedented level of access to technology and near constant interaction with social media mean that students are often far ahead of sex education curriculum.

According to Nora Gelperin, the director of sexuality education and training at Advocates for Youth, a national education organization, "It takes someone with a strong educational background to be able to address more issues of mental health, navigating safely online and a lot of the issues regarding anxiety and depression - how does that show up in your friendships or romantic relationships?" Gelperin has been teaching human sexuality and training education professionals for more than 20 years, and was part of the team that developed a set of national sexuality education standards that has been adopted by 32 states.

Although students have access to an endless supply of information through the Internet, it can be hard to know what is accurate. The National Sexuality Education Standards Core Content and Skills, which Gelperin helped to develop, stress that by the end of eighth grade, students should be able to identify accurate sources of information about sexual health, gender expression and sexual orientation, as well as reproductive health care and sexually transmitted diseases. This is just one example of how national sex education standards directly address issues facing today's youth.

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By: Alexandria Alo
Project Manager