Universal Pre-K

The benefits of pre-K education has been widely shown and commonly agreed upon but the hope for universal pre-K has not yet come to fruition. The varying degree of programs funded across the country show the lack of consensus among states to support the cause. Larger cities across the nation have been leading efforts to bring this to reality including the latest efforts by Chicago’s Mayor, Rahm Emanuel to provide free, full-day pre-K to all 4 year olds in a phased roll out approach. The issue is one that receives bipartisan support so the hope is that it is one that both parties can come together to support on a national scale. As always, it will be interesting to see if our divided politicians can agree to work together on this topic to have it implemented.

We have seen growing interest in correlations for Pre-K content from both existing and new clients so it is a topic we will definitely be following as the movement progresses!

For more information on the status of universal pre-K please see:

By: Jennifer Larson
Project Manager