A Decline in Civic Knowledge

With politics at the forefront of nearly every headline these day, knowing the fundamentals of our political system is a topic states are addressing as they are looking to increase student understanding of the basic structure and function of our government. A recent EdWeek article points out to a decline in civic knowledge.  Pennsylvania is expected to be the latest state to require students to take a mandatory civics test in school. Many questions are taken directly from the U.S. Citizenship test and focus around the foundation and principles of our democracy, our political history, the role of government and the rights and responsibilities of U.S. citizens.  Pennsylvania will not require passage to graduate, but other states have already added it as a requirement. Critics say it just requires more memorization of content that will later be forgotten, but proponents believe increasing basic civic knowledge can only benefit students well into the future. Since I myself love seeing great civics content come through our doors – I have to say that I always look forward to seeing what our clients produce to encourage learning and increase civic involvement and participation.

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By: Jen Larson
Project Manager