STEAM and SEL – Using Robots to Blend Learning of Hard and Soft Skills

New this year, the Redwood City School District began a Kindergarten program to not only introduce student to STEAM skills, but also to encourage and develop social-emotional skills. The focus of the program is to enhance problem solving skills in the creative and analytical process so that children are more cooperative and collaborative. Students work together to program robots to make movements and accomplish tasks. In doing so, they are learning basic coding skills. In this era, it is definitely an advantage for students to have coding skills. Moreover, learning team building and communication skills in this setting and starting at this early age can help set students up for successful educational experiences that they can build on throughout their educational career as they prepare to enter the workforce.

If your company is interested in correlations of your content to Social and Emotional learning standards, please contact your project manager or one of our Account Executives for more information.


By: Kathleen Ideguchi
Project Manager