The New Wave of Podcasting

Listening to stories has been part of classrooms for decades. Only now instead of listening to a book read in front of the class or as a group, teachers are using their favorite podcasting apps for audio stories. Studies have found that students will listen to podcasts longer than they read, while also retaining more information.

According to EdSurge, podcasts are big business for companies like Listenwise, Teachers Pay Teachers, NPR, and podDB. Students across the country are not only listening to podcasts, but they are also being assigned the task of creating their podcasts, becoming subject matter experts and storytellers in their own right. Listening skill-building company, Listenwise, recently partnered with Soundtrap to host student-developed podcasts highlighted weekly. Creating podcasts is so on trend that the 2018 NPR Student Podcast Challenge received over six thousand classes submitted entries. Then there are companies like podDB, a company that catalogs and indexes podcast information so that listeners can quickly and accurately find podcasts related to the subjects and topics they need.

Podcasts help students create movies in their minds, therefore remembering where they were when they heard it. Students creating podcasts and telling their own stories are using 21st-century skills and competencies such as communication, critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration. Common Core State Standards like key speaking and listening skills are also addressed through the use of podcasts.

At EdGate, we are poised and ready to tackle any lesson format: the traditional textbook, online lessons, apps, and now podcasts!

By: Laura Jacoby