UK Sets the Bar on Video Lessons and Online Learning

The UK is planning ahead for educating students in the fall in the face of our current pandemic. Oak National Academy, the UK’s new online school, funded by £4.3m from the government, is recording 10,000 lessons in July, as they prepare an online learning “backup” plan for the upcoming new academic year. Oak National Academy has recruited approximately 300 teachers to create and record this huge bank of video lessons during July and into August, covering the entire national curriculum for both primary and secondary schools! A huge undertaking indeed!! Even more impressive is the academy’s initial 80 teachers have recorded from their homes more than 200 online lessons each week, since the lockdown began. In total, they have managed to deliver 14 million lessons to around four million pupils!

Given our world-wide chaotic educational environment for students and teachers, this writer finds it comforting to see this solid plan and strategy being enacted. The intent/hope in the UK is that schools will open in September, but the reality of this actually happening is not likely, given the pattern of COVID19 to date. Having all these video lessons as backup, provides teachers with a ‘plan B’, and one that can be put in motion quickly and efficiently. This may well be a game changer for teachers and students alike in the UK.

In the U.S. however, there is no overarching plan, forcing individual districts to scrambleto create a viable solution on their own to educate their students during this pandemic. EdGate invites you to contact us and perhaps together we can collaborate a helpful approach in your solution. Great things can be accomplished collectively, so let’s get started!

By: Larry Johnson
Project Manager