Podcasting in Kindergarten: It’s Happening

Are you smarter than a 5-year-old? Take this into consideration: Kindergarteners across the country are now creating podcasts. Podcasts are just one of the ways technology has been integrated into classroom…even classrooms at the Kindergarten level. We came across an article in the latest Education Week issue that discusses how teachers are turning to podcasts to practice reading, writing, and speaking skills. Teachers have been dubious about the ability of students at this age to pull it off, but with guidance, direction and practice students have been able to produce their very own podcasts and have fun while doing so! Teacher’s first have to master the process themselves and get comfortable with the technology, but once they do, they understand how great it can be to use the tool to enhance basic skills while engaging students in the learning process. Getting students involved in the creation of a product keeps their focus and interest and that’s key to learning.  So will we be correlating podcasts created by Kindergarteners next?  Never say never!

By: Jen Larson
Project Manager