New Florida ELA and Math Standards

Always a hot topic for us – new English Language Arts and Mathematics standards have been released for the State of Florida! The state's Benchmarks for Excellent Student Thinking standards (B.E.S.T.) were just adopted earlier in the month, February 12th. The state anticipates a three-year implementation timeline-so it is expected both ELA and math will be fully implemented by the 2022-2023 school year. ELA will be first with the state calling for districts to implement the K-2 standards during the 2021-2022 school year with the remainder for both subjects the following year. The state had several expectations for the new standards including eliminating the Common Core standards they adopted in 2010. With many states moving away from Common Core in name but still retaining the essence of Common Core we are particularly interested to see if the newly released standards bear any resemblance to the old. As we dig into the new standards we intend to do an analysis of both subjects to see if there are similarities that have been retained. Stay tuned to find out what we determine! 

By: Jen Larson
Project Manager