Standards-to-Standards Comparison; EdGate makes it a cinch

Have you ever entertained the idea of how much variation there is or is not between educational standards? If you have, the next question that may naturally come to mind is, "What would be the best way for me to find out?" then groan internally when you realize you may need to go state-by-state and compare each set.

This type of project could take up a substantial amount of time and resources, right? What if we told you the hard part is complete and all you really need to know is the standards you want to compare!With EdGate's Standards Comparison report, you can easily compare a primary set of educational standards to other educational standards using EdGate's robust repository of standards.

How does this work?

Let's say you would like to compare the Common Core, California, Florida and Texas educational standards. You will first need to identify the primary (or main criteria) set of standards to compare the remaining standards to which will become the secondary sets.

For example, Common Core is the Primary, which would then make California, Florida and Texas the secondary sets of educational standards. You will then choose the subject and grade level you would like to review and click Search. Results will display showing accurate comparisons based on concepts in the standards and not merely text matches or text similarities.

How many standards can you compare in a single report?

As many or as few as you need! If the standards are in our repository, they can be included in the comparison report, and if they are not, just ask us! For the past 20+ years, EdGate has worked to maintain a standards repository housing 5 million educational standards and our repository continues to grow every day! This alone will save you valuable time and resources.

If you would like additional information about EdGate's Standards Comparison report or any of our other services, please visit our website or feel free to contact us and one of our Account Executives will be happy to schedule an appointment with you.

By: Heather Hawthorne
Account Manager



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Heather Hawthorne
Account Manager