Third Party Standards Alignment Review Becoming Mandatory

Most of us remember the nostalgic excitement of waking up on a snowy day and looking out the window; hoping for school to be cancelled.  Although we may remember those days fondly what we may not remember is making up those days during a spring or summer break.  For many school districts, inclement weather days pose a huge risk to student achievement. States are working hard to provide online course access and virtual school programs to make sure that students can access high quality instruction any time and any place. 

Online Learning and Virtual Schools are increasingly becoming a popular choice for states and educators to reach students when a school closure is necessary. Teachers are able to prepare lessons ahead of time in order to be ready for student participation long before the first snowflake. Because so many classrooms are utilizing online learning platforms in their traditional classrooms anyways, students are comfortable using their devices at home to complete homework or have class discussions. 

Understandably, online learning is becoming a competitive business with many districts gathering reports and data from companies before they decide on implementing their products. EdGate is poised and practiced in the third-party review arena which many states are now requiring to make sure the content being used by students is aligned with current standards.  If you want to make your company stand out and be ready for state specific deadlines, a third-party alignment evaluation is the way to get ahead in the game.

By: Lindsey Dumovich
Account Executive