What is Your Company’s Grade for Helping Students Achieve Success?

Research indicates that the adoption of new textbooks, specifically math textbooks, are not showing there is a direct impact on improvement in student learning. The research suggests that one factor may be a lack of proper training sessions for the teachers in how to best utilize the textbooks. Additionally it is suggested that teachers may be using supplemental materials that indeed help students meet expectations.  If you find that your textbooks and content are not making the grade, your company might benefit from EdGate’s services which include Alignment Services ranging the spectrum from Hands-Off to High-Touch. Alignments at the lesson level to each applicable standard can demonstrate where educators can best implement sections of the textbook to their fullest potential.  Furthermore, EdGate offers a Gap Analysis service that will identify the gaps in alignments to standards in both states that adopted Common Core, as well as those states that did not adopt Common Core. Additionally, if you find that your company could benefit from supplemental material to cover gaps, EdGate’s Curriculum Matrix is a repository of tens of thousands of curriculum resources aligned to state standards that can be licensed to complement your curricular content. If your company needs assistance in aligning content to educational standards, evaluating gaps, or in need of aligned supplemental material, please contact our Account Executives for more information.

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By: Kathleen Ideguchi
Project Manager