Podcasting as a New Teaching Tool in Education

Podcasting is all the rage right now -- and, with podcast subjects ranging from history to Latin to linguistics, many in the education field have discovered that this unique forum makes for a handy and effective teaching tool.

Zachary Davis, host of the educational podcast Ministry of Ideas, founded the Sound Education conference in 2018 specifically for creators of education-based podcasts. Its first year included over 500 attendees and 150 speakers. Davis said in a recent article by EdSurge that podcasts are “different than video because something stirs the mind to be thinking even a little bit more. So I think you are seeing podcasts enter classrooms in all sorts of new ways.”

Davis recently launched the website Lyceum, which he hopes will become a central location for educational podcasters and their listeners. He told EdSurge, “I really want Lyceum to be a place where teachers can find dignity and also potentially income for the knowledge that they’ve gained and their ability to teach that to people.”

Other companies such as podDB are busy curating hundreds of thousands of podcasts, cataloging people and subjects in a well-structured consumable dataset. This will aid educators in finding the perfect podcast for their curriculum planning.

As Davis and other podcast creators continue to make these recordings available to educators and students, EdGate will pay close attention and, as always, keep you up-to-date with the latest developments.

By: Tamara Haskett
Standards Data Specialist