EdGate Supports Microsoft Education with Thousands of Educational Standards and OER

We are excited to announce EdGate's partnership with Microsoft Education. Through an agreement with Microsoft, EdGate supplies links and metadata for carefully curated and vetted OER that have been aligned to national and international educational standards. Additionally, EdGate provides Microsoft with ongoing and constantly updated K-12 education standards. Microsoft's Education Resources allows educators to differentiate instruction by offering thousands of standards-aligned open educational resources. Subjects consist of Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Health and PE, World Languages, Arts Education, Media/Technology, and Career Technical Education. Standards are included for the U.S., Canada, Australia, England, New Zealand, and India. As Microsoft expands their Education Resources offering into new countries and territories, EdGate is poised and ready to correlate a growing body of OER to each country's unique set of educational standards using EdGate's patented correlation technology. The technology allows for dynamic re-correlation as new standards are implemented by state and other agencies. The methodology that EdGate utilizes sets its database apart from other educational repositories, alleviating the need to align content state by state or country by country, saving publishers valuable time. This makes EdGate's repository unmatched in its robust capability and reinforces EdGate's reputation as a leader of educational solutions for practical classroom use. As we noted last month, our OER repository recently grew by 6,000 items and there are thousands more items in the queue.

By: Gina Faulk
General Manager