EdGate Supports the CASE Identifiers

We are following the OpenSALT project, which aims to bring state and Common Core standards into the CASE format. The CASE specification was developed with the intention of providing a format that is machine-readable.  This allows standards using that format to be acquired and imported into a database efficiently, rather than having to convert from word processing document, HTML, or PDF formats. The Georgia Department of Education has signed on to provide their standards in this format, and OpenSALT has put Georgia's standards for all subjects, as well as the language arts and math standards for all states and Common Core, into the CASE format and is making them available for download.

EdGate is mindful of the many advantages that such a project has both for us and for educational publishers generally. We welcome the advent of a project to create a non-proprietary standards format that can be used to improve comparability and interoperability of what have historically been incompatible sets of standards and are fully behind the CASE project and hope to be able to contribute to its ultimate success. If your content needs alignments to the OpenSALT Case identifiers, please contact your Project Manager; we can make these available along with the correlations of your company’s content. 


Gina Faulk
General Manager

Heather Hawthorne
Account Manager

By: Michael Walpole

Project Manager