ESSA: Changes and how it relates to EdGate

In fall of 2018, many U.S. districts will begin full implementation of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). While multifaceted, the law’s most exciting feature may be the focus on classroom technology. For the first time, concepts such as “digital learning” and “blended learning” are addressed in legislation. Now more than ever technology is seen as imperative to addressing some of education’s greatest challenges, such as how to differentiate instruction for classrooms in which students of varying backgrounds, abilities, and interests are learning together.

The desire for student-centered, individualized education creates demand for the technologies that can best achieve these aims. One strategy for meeting this goal is moving away from set curriculums towards ensuring educator access to large amounts of differentiated content and the ability to quickly and accurately locate resources that meet the requirements of specific learning standards.

EdGate Correlation Services answers this call with a vast library of Open Educational Resources, powered by the Curriculum Matrix. Curriculum Matrix allows teachers to quickly and easily find high-quality content suitable for any learner. With the Curriculum Matrix, educators can choose the desired learning standard and instantly access multiple resources (videos, lesson plans, primary sources) to choose from.

Speaking of standards, ESSA requires that states demonstrate that they’ve adopted challenging academic standards in math, reading/language arts, and science. To maintain competitiveness, content providers will need to ensure that they are offering high-quality, standards aligned material. Any content provider who’s attempted to align and correlate content in-house knows that the immensity of the project can quickly become overwhelming. Luckily, EdGate has you covered with their repository of over 2 million learning standards and patented standards-correlation tool. Edgate’s methodology allows content to be aligned once, then automatically correlated to any standards-set in the repository.

As full-implementation of ESSA becomes a reality, educational content providers can put their trust in EdGate to cover their standards and content needs.

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Gina Faulk
General Manager

Heather Hawthorne
Account Manager

By: Brian Ely

Sales Representative