EdGate Helps Publishers Personalize Content through Metadata, Keywords, Alignments and More

Personalized Content has to be one of the biggest buzz phrases of 2018 (and 2017 and 2016).  It’s often hard to tell how sincere companies are, those words are used so often. Website after blog after social media site, you can be sure to find companies claiming that they personalize content, especially in the ed-tech world. In EdGate’s case, we don’t feel any remorse (not even a faint blush) by claiming that we personalize content for our publishing clients.

Personalized content, by definition, uses data to create and deliver relevant content based on the subject’s interests. How do we personalize content for our clients?

  1. Aligning content to specific learning outcomes. This means that educators can find specific curriculum resources when searching by a standard, i.e. a learning outcome.
  2. Tagging content to a specific educational concept.  This allows educators to find curriculum and immediately pinpoint exactly what educational concept that content item teaches.
  3. Keywording curriculum (such as videos) to make them easily discoverable. Think of how you Google things. Now think about how to make it easier for educators and students to use a Google search (or Bing, etc.) in order to find the perfect video that will help them learn how to "add fractions," etc.
  4. Description writing.  We assess content to provide educated, accurate descriptions to help end users quickly understand what a lesson, video, etc. is teaching.
  5. Metadata creation.  EdGate provides data filtering to help clients find exactly what they need. We review content in order to assign grade identification, subject and other metadata fields to help lead educators and students to the curriculum they are looking for.
  6. Correlating Open Educational Resources (OER). EdGate’s Curriculum Matrix repository houses over 500,000 grade-specific OER that has been associated with robust metadata and aligned to concepts/standards for publishers to license and use within their own platform.

All of the above services allow our publishing clients to create powerful content searches that can return targeted results within their platform, catalogs, or other marketing initiatives.

Gina Faulk
General Manager

Heather Hawthorne
Account Manager