Standards-to-Standards Crosswalk Approach

If you have ever wondered about the variation between educational standards from state-to-state, country-to-country EdGate has a solution for you! Rather than going through the time consuming and tedious task of comparing them yourself, you can count on EdGate to make the process quick and easy. We have done the legwork so you don’t have to!

For years, Edgate has offered the service of “crosswalking standards.” With our Standards Comparison report and repository of five million educational standards—including state, national, and international—you can easily compare one set of standards to another. This is a helpful tool to determine how to develop new curriculum that will align to a wide variety of standards.

The process is simple—once you have designated the primary set of standards and any secondary set of standards you would like to compare, you simply choose the subject and grade level you would like to analyze and click search. EdGate’s system will display results that show accurate comparisons based on concepts contained in the standards. This method is superior to other “mapping” processes that may return results based only on text matches.

You can “crosswalk” as many sets of standards as you need. Our repository of standards is consistently updated to reflect newly implemented standards as well as any that have been revised or edited since implementation.

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By: Alex Alo
Project Manager