Curriculum Matrix OER Library

Over the course of the past 30 days, at least here in the state of Washington, educators and parents alike have been tirelessly working through the growing pains of converting to a virtual classroom environment. Ensuring students and teachers have both the technology and resources to accommodate online learning have been the top priorities for schools and districts all over the country.

Most classrooms provided some form of online instruction prior to COVID-19 however, the nationwide school closures have created gaps in the migration to remote learning. EdGate's Curriculum Matrix was created over two decades ago as a much needed resource for educators to easily access standards-aligned educational resources. It has since grown to a repository of over 500,000 grade-specific, standards-aligned OER and free resources. The Curriculum Matrix Resources:

  • are aligned to state standards;
  • cover the core subject areas as well as Arts, Technology, Health & PE, and World Languages;
  • are vetted for quality;
  • include activities, articles, assessments questions, courses, interactive exercises, labs, lesson plans, teacher's guides, tutorials, worksheets, and more!

These resources can be used to quickly fill the gaps for both educators and parents whose students are now being homeschooled for the unforeseeable future. If you would like to learn more about leveraging these resources please reach out to our Account Executives for more information.

By: Heather Hawthorne
Account Executive