Most In-Demand Skills for 2020

While students work to graduate and enter the workforce it is often times hard to keep up with some of the most in-demand skills. As the job market evolves, students need to be able to learn skills that are not only hard-skills, a skill needed to complete a specific task, but also soft skills which revolve around behavior and cognitive abilities. In terms of educational standards these can be found in math, science and ELA standards as well as Social and Emotional skills which have recently been adapted in the classroom. All of these skills can make a difference in future success, regardless of the field students chose.

It should come as no surprise that the most in-demand hard skills companies are looking for are related to the tech industry. According to LinkedIn research, the top hard skill for 2020 is blockchain. Blockchain offers the ability to store, validate, authorize and move data across the internet and has emerged as a hot skill many industries are interested in. Top soft skills include creativity, persuasion and collaboration. New to the soft skill list this year is emotional intelligence which closely follows the SEL standards we see in the classroom today. This skill revolves around the ability to recognize emotions and use this information to fuel productivity.

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By: Sharla Schuller
Marketing Manager