EdGate supports publishers in preparing for a big push to online learning

Arguably one of the greatest impacts of COVID-19 has been the havoc generated with school closures and the resulting stress placed on families, teachers, and students. High school graduation requirements and ceremonies, sports, as well as College studies and ceremonies, all up in the air. At the very least, a chaotic educational environment for students and teachers!

In Philadelphia, approximately 50% of the students do not have internet, much less computers at home. One Philadelphia teacher put together printed packets, got them to her students, and followed up with phone calls to every student she can reach. This ‘hero’ story reminds me of my favorite classroom poster of a vast beach, strewn with stranded starfish, certain to perish in the hot sun. Except for one boy who was carrying them to the water to save them. A gentleman approached and said, “There are way too many starfish; you cannot possibly save them all.” To which the boy replied, with starfish in hand, “I can save this one.”

So now here with are, with many states having closed their schools and moving online. Universities are following suit, utilizing available media solutions like Zoom for collaborative learning abilities. EdGate is poised to help teachers, districts, and publishers by creating learning progressions, writing lesson plans, and providing access to our library of OER content. As many publishers and online course providers are scrambling to creatively find solutions to help in this crisis, EdGate’s team of former educators can draw upon our years of experience in the classroom to support all learners.

Collectively, great things can be accomplished, and with EdGate helping publishers, publishers helping teachers, and media helping students connect online, the tsunami of online education has begun.

By: Larry Johnson
Project Manager