New Subject Classifications are Coming to the EdGate Repository

EdGate is creating two new subjects, Technology Education and Library Media. The standards and content aligned for this subject are currently housed as Media Technology. These two new subjects will replace Media Technology.

Why is this change needed? EdGate is making this change to better reflect how the state departments of education differentiate Library Media and Technology Education standards. Recently states have developed separate computer science and information technology standards, whereas in years past, basic computer operation standards were included with Library Media standards.

Will our content still align to standards? There is no change to your correlations. However, when the change takes effect, if it is determined that your content is more applicable to Library Media, you will only see those correlations in your deliverable(s). If your content was correlated to standards that will fall under Technology Education, then they will also be included in your deliverable(s).

How does this affect my deliverable(s)? Here's what you can expect for your deliverable(s).

For bulk downloads and API, there will now be two sets of subject standards rather than the one subject, Media Technology. If your company licenses standards, you will notice that some of the standards that were previously Media Technology will now be Library Media and some will now be Technology Education. Also, please note that the week that this change is made in the EdGate repository, there will be no bulk download deliveries that week.

For CUIs, ExACT, ExPERT and Advanced Reporting, similar to what is noted above, there will be two new subjects in the dropdowns replacing the current Media Technology subject. If your company licenses ExACT, the concepts for Media Technology will be converted to the applicable Library Media or Technology Education concepts and the correlations to the respective standards will not be affected.

More information coming soon on when this change will be in place.

By: Kathleen Ideguchi
Project Manager