Are High School Graduation Requirements Making the Grade?

A recent report by the Center for American Progress points to an interesting trend over the last several years regarding the debate over the quality of a high school diploma. While graduation rates have risen considerably, colleges have reported that students are not fully prepared for college-level coursework. The report found that in 46 states proficiency standards required for high school graduation do not meet college entrance requirements. These disparities lead to a preparation gap that students must fill after graduation but before seeking admission to a four-year institution or by taking remedial classes once they have started college. Part of the issue focuses on the problem of not only having states produce rigorous academic standards but also then requiring the students to take coursework to meet those standards. Schools only focused on increasing their graduation rates are leaving their students ill-prepared for their futures and without adequate preparation for college admission. Higher expectations of our schools means it is critical that schools get the support and resources necessary to deliver a more rigorous and effective education to students. This topic will be something to watch as we inherently enjoy seeing how our clients meet the needs of students through their content.

By: Jennifer Larson
Project Manager