Adopted versus Implemented - Understanding the Timelines

If you're willing to be a sleuth, you can generally find all of this information hidden within each state's DOE website, including the adoption date, implementation timeline and/or revision cycle. If you don't have the time to sleuth this information out, you can count on us to do it for you! Generally speaking, state legislatures are responsible for establishing academic standards in nearly all states. Nearly every legislature then tasks its state board/department of education with adopting and implementing the standards. A number of legislatures have recently added steps, such as waiting periods for public comment on their draft standards before they are fully adopted and/or implemented. When it comes to what standards are included in EdGate's repository the two key factors to consider are ADOPTION DATE (date the school board approves a new set of standards) and IMPLEMENTATION DATE (date the standards are put in practice and actually used by teachers). The two are rarely the same and EdGate keeps the repository current with the implemented standards.

Visit EdGate's Standards page to see the currently implemented standards for each of the states, as well as International standards in our ever-growing repository.

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By: Tina Rainbolt & Kathleen Ideguchi

Gina Faulk
General Manager

Heather Hawthorne
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