Automated Keyword Creation

While EdGate is known for aligning publisher's curriculum to standards, we persistently work to provide new and cost-effective solutions to address the needs of all clients on any scale.

With this, we have implemented a new feature within our API, providing the ability to suggest key terms based on customer metadata. This service analyzes textual metadata associated with a resource and returns search terms or keywords that would be useful in locating that resource. The metadata used for the analysis can be the resource title, descriptions, or any other details provided by the client. The service can be accessed through EdGate's API or via the ExACT tool, or the metadata can be supplied to EdGate for processing and results delivered via our bulk download service.

How is this beneficial to a client? Creation of search terms can have several benefits; the client can, for example, collate the terms found for their content into a list and use it to provide suggestions for their users or to sort their content into categories. Being able to create search terms automatically requires no specially trained personnel and is much less time-consuming than performing this task with human reviewers. Additionally, the search terms can be used as input for EdGate’s ExACT AutoAlign, our correlation recommendation tool, allowing the additional creation of correlations to state standards.

The recommended use for this feature is for clients that have large quantities of content that is not amenable to detailed review by subject matter experts (videos, in particular), clients who need a group of terms for organizational purpose; or need key terms in addition to correlations.

Learn more about the Automated Keyword Creation or EdGate's ExACT AutoAlign.