Digital Chaptering


Digital content is prevalent in today's classrooms at all levels of education from kindergarten to college. Teachers need to be able to quickly select digital content with confidence that it is both relevant and addresses state standards.  Video and audio content can be valuable stand-alone teaching tools or integral resources in lesson plans that utilize multiple information sources.

The EdGate team makes technology-based resources classroom-ready by segmenting educational material into easily absorbable chunks. The team systematically works to "clip" or “bookmark” titles into segments according to the publisher's needs, providing descriptions with subject-relevant terms for easy searching.  EdGate provides written descriptions of each segment and provides relevant search terms for maximum visibility in content searches. In addition to preparing content for searching and viewing, the EdGate team can correlate your content to state, national, and international standards. Along with the four core subjects, the EdGate digital content team is also experienced in topics ranging from language lessons to professional content for a variety of professional and technical careers including nursing, auto repair, and accounting.

The EdGate digital content team is able to easily adapt to each client's unique digital content platform, ensuring individual client needs are met and content delivered in the required format. Along with your existing customer interface, these services allow teachers to quickly select digital content with confidence that it is relevant to the lesson and addresses state standards.