Next Generation High Schools

Some interesting news came out regarding the future for high schools in the United States. President Obama announced more than $375 Million in public and private support for redesigning our high schools to encourage student success, increase graduation rates and greatly improve the quality of education in our high schools.


A campaign to promote the use of openly licensed educational materials was announced by the U.S. Department of Education last month. The move is meant to encourage school districts and states to use "freely accessible, openly-licensed materials." Unlike textbooks, such resources can be readily updated and/or adjusted by teachers to meet the needs of their students.

EdGate Certifies Correlations

Some states are requiring publishers to submit third-party evaluations to document how their content aligns with their specified state standards in order to be considered for use. In conjunction with the correlation reports, the state also requires a letter from the third-party evaluator certifying the publisher's percentage of correlation to their state standards.

October 2015 - Did you know

President Obama has announced an initiative to grow the number of K-12 students studying Mandarin in the U.S. from 200,000 to 1 million. This endeavor will be led by the 100,000 Strong Foundation. The Foundation will work with technology and online-education companies to ensure that students have access to Mandarin language study.


October 2015 - Top Stories

H.S. Diploma Often Not an Indicator of College and Career Readiness

In recent years, graduation rates in the United States have hit historic highs. Although a new analysis finds that the level of coursework needed to earn a diploma differs state to state.

New Common Core Content for K-8 Language Arts is Being Adopted by California

California is set to adopt new K-8 language arts content that is geared toward the Common Core standards that California fully implemented in 2014. California's adoptions typically set the tone of adoption of materials in other states. However this year's adoption is expected to be less impactful, as there is a bounty of digital content available to educators and California and other states now leave the decision for content adoptions to the school districts themselves.

A New Vision: Connected Technology

Developers are taking on the task of merging the age old philosophy of Maria Montessori with technology. Montessori Method stresses that students learn best through use of their senses and practical play by passing between concrete and abstract ideas in a comprehensive learning environment. In today's classrooms, technology has become a point of instruction that researchers believe is causing learning gaps due to the isolated use of auditory and visual senses.

The Reach Higher Initiative: CTE in the Spotlight

Career and Technology Education (CTE) continues to play center stage, now more than ever, as Michelle Obama is spearheading the Reach Higher Initiative.  This Initiative is focused on pushing students to pursue educational programs past high school, including training programs, community college, or four-year programs. Mrs.