March 2016 - Top Stories

Stranger pledged $1 million to put kindergartners through college

Attorney and Navy Veteran, Marty Burbank, pledged to send a classroom of kindergartners in California to college. In an inspiring display of generosity, Burbank has helped 26 children who may never have been able to afford college.

Effectively Display and Market Your Correlations

Looking for a way to efficiently and effectively advertise your correlations? EdGate has a solution!

The EdGate Correlation User Interface (CUI) is an iFrame which allows end users to dynamically search and view the content metadata and associated standards directly from your website. Educators have the freedom and flexibility to search for content specific to their needs and classrooms, finding resources that meet their state standards.

Arts Education and Arts Standards

According to Marinell Rousmaniere, senior vice president for strategic initiatives at EdVestors, Boston has been highly successful in bringing arts education back into the public schools. Research showing a strong connection between early arts education and success in both college and future careers motivated the city to partner with both public and private organizations to increase student access to the arts.

Debate Over Advanced Math

Andrew Hacker is professor emeritus of political science at Queens College, City University of New York and he asks, "I have three coins. How much money COULD I have?" To answer this question, a student needs more than basic math skills. Andrew suggests that not all students need to learn how to answer the question.

United Arab Emirates' New Standards: "English as an International Language (EIL)"

In UAE, the Ministry of Education has produced their own "National Unified K-12 Learning Standards Framework", which they will implement in all their school classrooms this year. Their ultimate goal is to produce highly educated, 'World Class' citizens. Recognizing English as an international language, the Ministry has strongly recommended that no less than one hour per day is allocated to the teaching of English at every grade level.

What's New - Hewlett Packard Partnership

EdGate's Curriculum Matrix and CMX can now be accessed through Hewlett Packard's School Pack 2.0. Educators and students using HP devices can easily find thousands of standards-aligned OER resources.

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February 2016 - Top Stories

Report: Kids who took Common Core test online scored lower than those who used paper

Of the 5 million students who took the new Common Core exam last year, one in five took the exam with paper and pencil. Those who took the exam the old fashion way way tended to score higher than students who took the exam online.

The Big Deal About Standards

Chances are as a publisher you are keenly aware of the importance that standards play in education.

Whether it is micro-school or private or physical books or e -r eaders, one thing is certain, standards are the foundation for student success . Initiatives such as NCLB and ESSA have made standards a critical component for educators as they are the "ruler" by which student progress is measured and provide evidence for what each student has mastered.