State Changes to CCSS

According to a recent analysis by Abt Associates, a global leader in research, of the 46 states that originally adopted Common Core State Standards, 21 states have finalized revisions or have revision processes underway.

The Abt team identified and analyzed nine states - Alabama, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, New Jersey, Ohio, and Utah - that had revised, or proposed to revise CCSS. The changes made to math and ELA standards in these states retained the original standards as adopted, and focused on clarifying the standards already in place. Some revisions were simply wording or formatting changes, while others added new skills to existing standards or required new standards at different grade levels.

Across all grade levels in mathematics, these states revised 26.5 percent of the standards, while 73.5 percent of the standards were unchanged. Eight of the nine states added a combined total of 51 math standards.

ELA revisions were similar, with 23 percent of ELA standards revised and 77 percent left unchanged. States added fewer new standards in ELA, with only six new standards added across all nine states. The most common changes were clarification changes, intended to make the standards easier for educators to understand and use - not to alter the substance or content. States were more likely to add skills than to delete them.

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