Client Solution - Taxonomy Development

Taxonomy development is one aspect of our services that you may not be aware of. While the bulk of our work currently comes from taking the "standard" Concept Index for the various academic subjects that we cover and using those to connect content to standards, we are also able to develop new taxonomies or revise existing ones to meet your particular needs. Taxonomies can be useful in several ways: they can be linked to specialized standards (such as the Microsoft Office Specialist certification outcomes) to show correlations to those standards; they can help to identify places where your content might be made stronger, such as gaps, over-covered topics, or items that are trying to cover too much content in too small a space; or they can form the framework for searching for desired content. If you have a need for such a taxonomy, particularly for an unusual or specialized subject, we can help! Don't hesitate to contact us for a discussion of your needs and our services.

By: Michael Walpole
Project Manager