New York Revamping Common Core Standards

New York is the latest state to revamp their Common Core standards for math and English Language Arts. On September 21st New York released their new draft standards for both subjects. Public comment on these will be open until November 14th. Sixty percent of the ELA standards and 55% of the math standards have been changed in this draft version and it is expected that the final revisions will be presented to the Board of Regents early next year.

A question expressed by many is "How significant will the final changes actually be in comparison to the current Common Core standards?" As states have veered away from the Common Core designation and revised their individual state standards,it is very apparent that the standards are still quite similar. State Education Commissioner, MaryEllen Elia said the proposed changes varied from terminology or clarifications to grade level adjustments and consolidation of standards or in some cases standards are completely replaced. Proponents for Common Core are happy to see that the "anchor standards" have remained largely intact while the changes that have been made are intended to satisfy parents and teachers frustrated with the Common Core standards.

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By: Jennifer Larson
Project Manager