We're here to help with the correlation of your Assessment Items!

Our business and success is centered around academic standards that are used for correlation to content, print or digital. This includes assessment items!  That's right, we even correlate assessment items!

As an industry leader we understand the need for alignment to standards and the overwhelming challenge to meet and stay on top of those demands. In the case of the ever changing K-12 assessment landscape, it is even more important.  Publishers who are working hard to ensure their items are innovative and provide meaningful measurement that improves learning truly have their work cut out for them.

So why not let us help?

EdGate offers a variety of cost-effective solutions that provide quality, global alignment of your content to all standards in one fell swoop!  Whether it is collaborating with our subject experts for correlating to your specifications, or you opt to take advantage of our DIY alignment tools, there is a solution that's right for you.

If you have considered aligning your assessment items to standards, but are struggling with the time, resources and budget to do so, please contact one of our Account Executives at (866) 405-3357 or contact us and they will be happy to share more about our services and how we can save you money!

By: Tracy Olstad 
Senior Account Executive