The K-12 Educational Standards Popularity Contest

According to EdGate stats, the top ten most popular standards lookups in 2016 thus far are as follows:

  1. Common Core
  2. Texas TEKS
  3. NGSS
  4. Florida
  5. California
  6. Georgia
  7. Virginia
  8. Ohio
  9. Indiana
  10. North Carolina

This information is based on data from the close to 200 correlation user interfaces that EdGate maintains and supports for educational publishers. The EdGate Correlation User Interface (CUI) is an iFrame which allows end users to dynamically search and view the content metadata and associated standards directly from a publisher's website. Educators have the freedom and flexibility to search for content specific to their needs and classrooms, finding resources that meet their state standards. If you are interested in learning how a CUI can help you gather intelligence about your end users and their interests, learn more here or contact us.

By:Gina Faulk
General Manager