Digital Content Initiatives Gain Support Among States and School Districts

Incorporating OER content into the classroom in place of textbooks is gaining ground as states commit to supporting this transition.  With initiatives like the Future Ready Pledge and #GoOpen many districts are embracing the change to digital content.  The Future Ready District Pledge is designed to help leaders create a digital learning culture and set out a roadmap to achieve that success. Seventeen states have committed to the Future Ready Pledge. The #GoOpen initiative has prompted educators to collect learning materials that can be remixed and reused to create curriculum for the classroom. Thirteen states have signed on for the #GoOpen Initiative

EdGate has been curating online educational and OER digital content for more than a decade and has built a repository of more than 500,000 grade specific resources.  Resources in EdGate's repository are aligned to each of the 50 U.S. sets of state specific standards in addition to Common Core, NGSS, NCSS and other national and international sets of standards.

If your company is interested in licensing a repository of aligned online educational and OER digital content resources please contact our Sales and Marketing Team. 

By: Kathleen Ideguchi
Project Manager