EdGate and IMS Global

EdGate has now been added to the IMS Global GUID Provider Registry. What does this mean for EdGate clients?

First, a little background information. Common Cartridge is a specification that describes the format for creating and sharing educational digital content, namely across Learning Management Systems (LMS). The specification was developed by IMS Global Learning Consortium and describes in detail the packaging format and infrastructure needed to support the format for presentation to the end-user. If an EdGate client has created Common Cartridge objects that also include standards alignment data (standards GUIDs), the client can include a Provider ID of "EG" to denote that the standards GUID came from EdGate. Someone using that object could use EdGate's EDR service to look up the context of the standard, or if they are an existing customer, use the alignments in their own system and display the correct standards data. The goal is to create easy interoperability of alignment data. The information may be used in constructing Common Cartridges v1.2. To read more about the IMS Global GUID Provider Registry, you can find more information here.

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