Effectively Display and Market Your Correlations

Looking for a way to efficiently and effectively advertise your correlations? EdGate has a solution!

The EdGate Correlation User Interface (CUI) is an iFrame which allows end users to dynamically search and view the content metadata and associated standards directly from your website. Educators have the freedom and flexibility to search for content specific to their needs and classrooms, finding resources that meet their state standards.

By providing educators and administrative staff with first-hand access to your correlations, your prospective customers will have all the information needed, instantaneously!

Benefits of an iFrame include:

  • Fast and easy way for end users to find content that meets their state standards;
  • Users can search and find content specific to their individual needs (state, grade, subject, etc.);
  • Searches produce "live" results that reflect the most current standards in the EdGate repository;
  • Content correlations are seamlessly updated when states adopt and implement new standards;
  • Several options for design and features guarantee the perfect fit for your company;
  • eCommerce friendly for adding items to shopping carts and wish lists;
  • Can be password-protected creating a 'value add' for your customers;
  • Cost-effective, saves staff time from producing the information or reports, case-by-case;

EdGate experts will work with you and your IT staff to develop a Correlation User Interface (CUI) that will be branded and embedded into a page on your website. Together we will collaborate to ensure the features and design is developed to maintain the look and feel of your site, giving educators and administrators a user friendly experience.

Here is an example of EdGate's traditional Correlation User Interface:

For more ideas and options, and to learn how you can get started with your own Correlation User Interface, please contact your Project Manager or an Account Manager today. You can reach us by phone at (866) 405-3357 or contact us online.

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