Importance of Financial Literacy for our High School Graduates

Financial Literacy is being recognized as a platform that can have a diverse effect on our students in paths they pursue post-graduation. Release of the "Champlain College 2015 National Report Card" on state efforts to improve Financial Literacy in High Schools has many states coming up short. Reporting almost 50% of states are failing to provide adequate financial education to their High School students and as a lost opportunity to further assist their ultimate financial success, contribution to a positive economy and career readiness. This emulates the "2015 Consumer Financial Literacy Survey" that states 41% of adults selecting a C, D, or F on their personal finance knowledge and stunning numbers on retirement, savings, budgets and debt among adults. Utah is rated with an A+ and is a clear guide for other states in successful Financial Literacy of K-12 students. With attention on Financial Literacy and debates heating up among state legislatures, focus is returning to the positive impact of educating K-12 students in personal finance.

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By: Tammy Reid