Computer Science & Coding Curriculum: Going Global

Around the world, educational bodies are responding to the needs of technology savvy students. The UK, in September 2014, adopted coding curriculum for all students beginning when they first enter school; mandatory for key stages 1 & 2, with plenty of upper level opportunities in key stages 3 & 4. Australia has replaced history and geography with coding with their new digital technologies curriculum. This ensures that 21st century computer coding will be taught in primary schools from Year 5, and programming will be taught from Year 7.

In the US, some are beginning to focus on curriculums that are more STEM oriented and courses that include actual coding. One example is in Chicago School classrooms, where computer science and coding are becoming more commonplace. In fact, their intention is to make computing a graduation requirement. California is considering letting high school computer science classes, like coding, count as graduation requirements under the math umbrella. Thirteen Richmond Virginia high schools are coming together in order to create a regional focus on computer science. The Avondale School District in Arizona has already made coding mandatory in their K-8 curriculum.

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By: Larry Johnson
Client Relationship Manager