Need More Than Common Core

If you, like many publishers are coming to the realization that schools and districts are no longer satisfied with content aligned to Common Core standards only and are putting pressure on you to align your content to state-specific standards, we can help!

Our experts will use sophisticated technology developed by EdGate to create a crosswalk between your existing correlations and all of the other U.S. State standards.

There are several benefits to how we can help:

  1. Your original alignments stay in-tact and your efforts do not "go to waste";
  2. Your alignments carry over, maintaining the integrity of your work;
  3. Mapping can be performed from third party alignments, not just correlations done in-house;
  4. Mapping can be performed for other standards and subjects besides Language Arts and Math;
  5. EdGate experts can review to ensure alignments are thorough and cover all states and grades;
  6. You save time and money from not having to align state-by-state;
  7. You have the option for other standards from the EdGate repository;
  8. You can have all of the U.S. States (and more) within 90-days; *

* Turnaround time for most projects is quoted "up to 90 days", however is dependent upon the amount of content.

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