Customer Experience

A topic of discussion at our quarterly meeting focused on the issue of Customer Experience and Client Support. This topic got us all thinking - what do we do to help our clients and what can we improve on? Where do we succeed and where do we fall short?

Our focus has always been to assist our clients in meeting their needs, being responsive and helping to find solutions to problems or requests. What we all agree on is that we want to do our best to support our clients for them to be successful , but what we hope to improve upon is reaching out and extending the offer to help with services. These may be either services our clients know we provide or something they might not even think to ask if we do. We are a very team-oriented group - we work together, coming up with ideas or solutions that can help our clients so if you have been thinking , " I need help with something ," please feel free to reach out to either your sales or project manager! We are happy to see if we can help meet your needs! Also, if you have any thoughts on either what we excel at regarding customer service or what we should work on, please just let us know - we would love to hear from you!

By: Jennifer Larson 
Project Manager