ExACT AutoAlign: Correlation Recommendation Tool

For a "hands-off" correlation process, ExACT AutoAlign is the solution.

As more and more content publishers have approached EdGate regarding the need to align thousands, and in some cases, millions, of educational resources, it became clear that we needed a solution that could handle high volumes of metadata, provides immediate results, and is cost-effective.

ExACT AutoAlign offers the following capabilities:

  • Analysis of metadata associated with a resource and recommendation of educational concepts from the EdGate Taxonomy.
  • The metadata in question can be the item's title, description, or other textual information provided by the client.
  • Concepts are associated with the resource and correlations can then be made to state or national standards using EdGate's patented process.
  • Recommendation of relevant keywords to aid in discoverability of the resource.
  • ExACT AutoAlign correlations are completed in a fraction of the time that a traditional correlation process takes, mapping to millions of machine readable standards in the EdGate database, including to the CASE identifiers.
  • API access or via the ExACT base Correlation Tool through subscription service.

ExACT AutoAlign relies on machine learning and provides the most relevant AI-based suggestions in relation to the resource metadata. EdGate subject matter experts (SMEs) use ExACT alignment tool to tag thousands of resources each year. As content is tagged, our system becomes more and more familiar with the relationship between metadata and corresponding educational concepts, making ExACT AutoAlign increasingly accurate.