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EdGate's Curriculum Matrix and CMX can now be accessed through Hewlett Packard's School Pack 2.0. Educators and students using HP devices can easily find thousands of standards-aligned OER resources.

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February 2016 - Top Stories

Report: Kids who took Common Core test online scored lower than those who used paper

Of the 5 million students who took the new Common Core exam last year, one in five took the exam with paper and pencil. Those who took the exam the old fashion way way tended to score higher than students who took the exam online.

The Big Deal About Standards

Chances are as a publisher you are keenly aware of the importance that standards play in education.

Whether it is micro-school or private or physical books or e -r eaders, one thing is certain, standards are the foundation for student success . Initiatives such as NCLB and ESSA have made standards a critical component for educators as they are the "ruler" by which student progress is measured and provide evidence for what each student has mastered.

Will "Micro Schools" Be the "Next Big Thing"?

A recent article in Education Week discussing the recent and growing popularity of "Micro Schools" piqued our interest. Harking back to the early days of mixed age small classrooms, these micro schools are an alternative for those who are dissatisfied with public schools, cannot afford the cost of tuition, or looking for something closer to homeschooling.

New Jersey's Decision to Keep 85% of Common Core Standards

Governor Christie declared that the current Common Core State Standards (CCSS) "simply are not working" for New Jersey students. In response, New Jersey's Standards Review Committee (SRC) assembled over the last year to review their standards and ultimately proposed to keep 85% of them. So, why so little change -- or is the change as little as it seems?

Study finds that many students currently prefer physical books to e-readers

With the proliferation of Kindles, Nooks, and other e-readers, not to mention tablets and even smartphones that can access and show large quantities of text, it might be predicted that traditional books will soon become obsolete - particularly given the increasing concern about limited resources and the volume of paper needed to manufacture books in large quantities. But while the day may come where physical books are no longer important, one recent study suggests that it's still some ways off.

January 2016 - Top Stories

Are Your Periodic Tables Out of Date?

The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry recently announced four new "super-heavy" elements will be added to the periodic table.

President Obama commits to more Computer Science in Education

A new year, a new product: CMX

The Curriculum Matrix was created over a decade ago as a much needed resource for educators to easily access standards-aligned open educational resources. However, we often heard the questions, "Is there a student interface? Can I make assignments to my students and track their progress?" With the release of CMX this January, EdGate has fulfilled these and many more feature requests.