Top Stories - January 2017

South Carolina Dept of Ed introduces K-8 Computer Science Standards
Beginning in 2018 K-8 students will be required to learn age appropriate computer science in all South Carolina public schools.

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) are coming to many states
With 18 states adopting the Next Generation Science Standards teachers are making the shift from the old standards to the new content, practices and principles.

What's New - The most annoying words of 2016
The year of 2016 brought many changes. Brexit, US Elections, the Olympics, and SAT modifications. With all these changes also comes a new list of some the most annoying overused words or phrases: Whatever; Huge; I can't even; I know, right?; Cray cray; Literally; Just sayin'; and Totes are among the top. Any thoughts on what will make the 2017 list?