Third Party Review

If you have submitted a bid response to the Virginia State Department of Education, you will know that their policy requires two things. First, a third party review of content alignments and second, correlations which meet a minimum of 90% standards coverage. As such, EdGate being a leading provider of correlation services and having worked with the VDOE for the last several years, we are recommended by the state to perform such reviews.

Since the 'No Child Left Behind Act' in 2001 and now the Common Core movement of today, there is more pressure on teachers to make sure their students are meeting state requirements and successfully graduating to the next grade.

To help ensure educators are successful in this effort, schools and districts are tasked with providing resources to help educators achieve this goal. Like Virginia, many schools and districts are being cautious in their selection of curriculum and want to ensure the content they choose has a comprehensive alignment to their state's standards.

What does this mean to publishers? Likely a closer examination of standards alignment and possibly the requirement for a third party review.

If your content has been aligned but you would like reassurance and a third party stamp of approval, we are here for you! Our educational team are experts not only in a given subject area but also have in-depth knowledge of the standards. With their knowledge and expertise, your content is sure to have a thorough, accurate, and quality review.

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