New York's Next Generation Learning Standards

Two years in the making and New York State released their newly revised English Language Arts and Mathematics Standards. The changes were a touted as a departure from the Common Core learning standards and with the revisions came a new name: The Next Generation English Language Arts and Mathematics Learning Standards.

Input from teachers, parents and the public was used in drafting the revised standards which after being released was open to public comment until June 2nd. The state explained the process resulted in substantive changes to both subjects.

Critics so far have criticized the English Language Arts revisions and claim the standards "weaken or muddy major requirements in reading and writing"

The state Board of Regents were expected to have a final vote on the standards this month but the vote has been postponed so more to come on if/when these new standards will be finalized. We will be keeping an eye out and our ears open for new developments!

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By: Jennifer Larson
Project Manager