California Moves Towards more Computer Science Classes

The California Computer Science Strategic Implementation Plan, agenda Item 03, suggests strategies to state and local school district officials that could increase the number of computer science classes. Only 39 percent of California high schools offer computer science courses, which means only 3 percent of all high school students in the state are enrolled in computer science. And of those students, only 29 percent are female in the introductory classes, and even fewer females are in the Advanced Placement classes.

Setting the stage for better Computer Science, California’s State Board of Education passed new Computer Science Standards for grades K-12 in September 2018. The state also created a 23-member panel, who spent over a year working on the plan to ensure that teachers are prepared and that the state’s new computer science standards are implemented fairly.

While California has a plan to implement more computer science courses and better equity, the state has not allocated any funding to help school districts pay for these improvements, resulting in the plan being voluntary instead of mandatory. Everything seems in place, except funding

By: Larry Johnson
Project Manager